Connecting citizens to their care team, personalised learning journeys and resources.

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“Openbrolly have helped us, every step of the way, to translate our vision for a Virtual Hospice into the reality of a tool to increase the confidence of those living with life-shortening illness in Highland.”Jeremy Keen, Consultant Physician in Palliative Care.

ROC (Remote Outpatient Care) from openbrolly has been co-designed with patients, NHS clinicians, academics and third sector organisations including Macmillan Cancer Support and Crohn’s and Colitis UK.

ROC supports patient reported outcome and experience collection across the NHS and other organisational firewalls, stratified care pathways, and remote care and self-management.

Current variants, in use in the NHS and third sector, include My Cancer Portal, IBD ROC, Virtual Hospice and Mental Health Connect.

ROC is actively developed with a number of funded development projects in progress.

ROC is simple to use and gives patients increased control of their care and overall well-being and can provide new information for research. Artificial intelligence provides advanced alerts and signposting for both citizens and clinicians. Innovations in data collection opens up the possibility of collecting data from consumer devices.

ROC can be integrated with data collection devices and enterprise patient record systems.

openbrolly received a Scottish Life Sciences Award for best collaboration with the NHS. We recently received two funding awards to develop data collection and artificial intelligence aspects of ROC.

People have the HOLISTIC support they need:

Better care – proactively or passively alert the care team to changes in condition and concerns.

Access the system when and where they need it on mobile, tablet or PC – or even by text.

Self-controlled care supported by access to a personalised library of videos and documents that they can trust.

Get referral to people and organisations who can help – and change the process by rating their effectiveness.

Care providers can deliver better care at lower cost:

Tracks symptoms and concerns, and receive alerts based on customisable criteria.

Ensures patient safety and supports lower cost care delivery such as video consultations or helplines.

Identify people who need support now, moving away from unnecessary time based clinics.

Measure and improve the quality of care received by the patient with access to quality indicators and patient feedback.

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“I want to empower patients to feel that they are in control of their health and wellbeing. We can do this by facilitating easy communication between patients and the healthcare team and ensuring that everyone involved in an individual patient’s care knows where that patient is on their cancer journey”Professor Angus Watson, Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness.

Key Features


  • Connector.

    Information Collection

    Collects symptom and information from service users through app (PROMs / PREMs)

  • Connector.

    Decision Support

    Rule based decision support system for patients and clinicians

  • Connector.

    My Messages

    2-way, logged messaging

  • Connector.

    Clinician Dashboard

    Graphical text display and visual alerts

  • Connector.

    User Enrollment


  • Connector.

    My Care Library

    Videos, documents, apps and links

  • Connector.


    Automated self-referral to information and other services

  • Connector.

    Text Messaging

    SMS alerts for users and clinicians

  • Connector.


    Improve quality of care by collecting feedback from users. Usage analytics.


  • Connector.


    Integration with enterprise patient record and information systems

  • Connector.

    Sensors and Devices

    Interfaces for collection of data from medical devices and third party apps

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